• Easy PTO or PTA Website Builder
  • Always In Snyc With Mobile App
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Built In Fundraising Features


Easy PTO Website Builder and School Directory App With E-commerce, Advertising, Fundraising and So Much More


  Do you need a School Directory App that is always in sync with your website?
  Would you like to accept credit cards without the need to manage a merchant account?
  Would you like to build a sophisticated website and smart phone at without any technical skills?
  Are you looking for new ways to generate revenue for your school?

We are The Paperless PTO, a web hosting provider that offers fully functional websites and mobile apps for any PTO, PTA or school group. These websites and smart phone apps have many basic and advanced features plus online fundraising and local school fundraising.

Our School Directory App which runs on both the iPhone and Android smart phones can be setup in minutes and give your parents on the go access to the information they need.

We can also offer you a sophisticated website that is always in sync with the School Directory App where you can have more advanced features such as secure access, a membership and directory manager, email and text blasts that can be tracked, alerts, volunteer tracking, surveys and much more. As mentioned above, you will also benefit from online fundraising and local school fundraising.

And to top it off, you will also be able to accept credit cards when you use a Paperless PTO website for your group. The best part here is that there is no merchant account to manage and no setup fees involved. You simply start using it.

We offer three plans to choose from for your website and mobile app. If your PTO, PTA or school group is in need of a great website with unique fundraising ideas or fundraising ideas for schools, be sure to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Mobile App Only Plan


 Smart Phone Directory App
 iPhone & Android Versions
 Call, Text & Email Anyone
 Updatable Directory
 Directory Searches
 Classroom & Teacher Directories
 Staff & Board Member Directories
 Address Maps With Navigation
 Free Directory Upload
 Free Tech Support
 Individual & Bulk Rates

Launch Your School Directory App Now

Basic Plan


 The App Only Plan Plus...
 Launch your site in minutes
 Syncronized App & Website Directory
 Syncronized App & Website Calendar
 Syncronized App & Website Alerts
 No SPAM - 100% Guaranteed Email Delivery
 Printable Directory
 Upload/Download Documents
 Online Fundraising
 User Guide
 Email & Text Blasts
 Local Advertising / Sponsorship
 Directory Management
 Custom Pages
 Unlimited Email Accounts
 Free Technical Support
 Plus Much More
 $299 Per Year

Order The Basic Plan Now

Super Plan


 The Basic Plan Plus...
 Accept Credit Cards
 Check Payment Scanning
 Income & Expense Reporting
 Telephone Technical Support
 Custom Enhancements
 Order Tracking
 School Lunch Menus
 $299 Per Year Plus Credit Card Fees

Order The Super Plan Now
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