Adding Waivers At Checkout To Your PaperlessPTO Website

You can now add waivers, disclaimers or terms and conditions to your Paperless PTO website. When activated, the waiver will appear at checkout to buyers who are purchasing items for sale that meet the conditions of the waiver you have created. They will need to check the box indicating that they agree to your terms in order to complete their purchase.

Waivers can be created so that they will appear when:

  • individual items for sale are being purchased
  • all items for sale for a specific event are being purchased
  • all items for sale for all events sponsored by a specific committee are being purchased
  • any item for sale is being purchased
  • Watch this video to see how easily waivers can be set up:

As a site admin, you will also find a link to this video under the Help menu of your Paperless PTO website.

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