Reselling the Mobile App

The easiest fundraising method of our program is the Bells and Whistles feature which our staff runs for you. It works on both the website and mobile app.


Another way the mobile app can easily be used to raise funds for your school is to sell it your parents.  If you think about the typical family, it may have a mother that has an iPhone and also an iPad.  Her spouse may have an Android phone and an Android tablet.  This could account for 4 devices that they want to have the mobile app installed on.


Our program allows you to set a price for each device that can activate the app.  For example, you may decide to sell access to the app at a price of $3 per device.  For this typical family it amounts to $12 to activate the app on each of their devices.  If your school has 300 families, that is $3,600 you are generating in revenue from the app.  The cost of our plan for unlimited users and unlimited devices ranges from $125 to $499.  Subtract that from the revenue total and you have raised well over $3,000.

Directory App As A Fundraiser
Directory App As A Fundraiser

Some groups we work with use this method effectively.  Other groups like to sell it for a single price and other groups like to include it with their membership dues.  However your policy works, our program will be able to accommodate it.