Paperless PTO provides robust websites that have every feature a PTO, PTA or school parent teacher organization needs to efficiently conduct their day to day activities.  The days of using pen and paper to run the organization are long behind us.  Your Paperless PTO website will reduce the amount of time it takes to conduct all activities.  It will also increase the amount of participation from your families.
Since 2007, we have been a leader in building websites and mobile apps for PTOs, PTAs and any school or parent teacher organization.  You will have many tools to use that will keep the lines of communication open with your families.
Basic Features
Once you subscribe to our website package you will receive the basic features that most website provide including an online calendar, numerous pages that can be populated with your content, logos, banners, images and hyperlinks to other sites.  A contact us page is included as well as an unlimited number of email accounts if needed.
Advanced Features
The advanced features of the website are where you will truly benefit.  There are numerous directories, a shopping cart, volunteering, an email blast, a text blast, custom pages, local merchant advertising, responsive templates and much more.  As you start to build your site you will begin to see how each of these features are independent, yet they work together.  For more details, be sure to visit the website features and benefits page.
Helpdesk Support
When you subscribe to our website builder package, free helpdesk support comes with it.  Helpdesk support comes in a variety of methods that include:
  • online demos
  • telephone calls
  • conference calls
  • email support
Free Upgrades and Enhancements
If you have an idea for a feature that our program does not have, we will implement it for you at absolutely no cost.
We have done this many times and now feel like we have everything covered. However, our customers are always coming up with new ideas and requests. We are happy to add them as it helps you and makes our program better.
Going Above and Beyond
We do aim to please and like to accomodate all of our customers to make their roles easier. If you need help with a task we are always available to guide you or even do it for you. 
An example would be uploading a lunch menu.  There are times where you may have a menu of 20 or 30 or 80 iitems to add.  We have a standard spreadsheet template that you can fill out which lists the lunch items, their prices and the dates they are being served.  Simply send it to our helpdesk and we can run it through an automated upload procedure for you.
We also have a standard template for your directory. If you have a list of parents and students with names, addresses, grades, and other details, we can run it through another upload procedure for you. The result is an instant directory for you.
Learn More
There is so much more to our program that we can share with you. The best step for you to take next is to reach out to us and schedule an online demo. Normally they run for about 60 minutes, but we can tailor it to your timeline and show you the features you are interested in.